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Our job is simple: We find you the best GIC rates, help manage your portfolio and answer any financial questions you may have.

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    Today's Best GIC Rate


    Today's Best GIC Rates


    1 Year Fixed


    2 Year Fixed


    3 Year Fixed


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    5 Year Fixed


    30 Day Cashable


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    Benefits of Using a Deposit Broker

    We provide excellent service, rate guarantees based on each supplier’s guidelines, and easy-to-read consolidated statements.

    All GICs are covered by deposit insurance either federally or provincially, so your money is completely secure and safe. Your deposit and interest depending on the institution is guaranteed through CDIC, CUDIC or Assuris for the limits outlined. A brochure outlining the coverage will be provided at purchase.


    Our Excellent Service

    When you purchase a GIC through Paragon, we have access to a network of financial institutions across Canada to survey GIC rates for short term and long-term investing, for individual clients and corporate clients including Strata Councils and Property Managers.

    • You are assured that we will monitor your maturities and will contact you proactively for renewal instructions so you will never miss a GIC maturity.
    • We provide a consolidated, easy to read summary of all of your GICs. 
    • Once your GIC is in place, a confirmation will be sent to you for your records outlining the details. 
    • GICs offer you flexibility. We offer short-term, long-term and cashable GICs for those unexpected expenses.
    • GICs are offered for all plan types. Some examples are:  Non-registered accounts, TFSAs, RRSPs, RRIFs and Locked-in plans.
    • We provide personal service to all clients and agents.

    **We are members of the Registered Deposit Broker Association (RDBA) and Better Business Bureau (BBB)**


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